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Rotary Wing Aviation

Critical Mass Avionics provides the commercial aviation industry with a supply chain platform to access all product needs. We offer a versatile and abundant range of current or obsolete spare parts, and accessories to potentially service all procurement needs. Critical Mass Avionics is a value-added supplier of aircraft parts whose goal is to provide airlines, MRO facilities, and air transportation operators throughout the world with high-quality aircraft parts at a reasonable cost.

Parts Supplies

As a third party provider of rotary wing spare parts, Critical Mass Avionics has, over many years, developed various agreements and partnerships that allow us to offer our customers access to a worldwide network pool of nose to tail, obsolete, and highly allocated parts. Our global logistic dynamic allows us to access the parts that you need on a round the clock continuous basis, allowing us the ability to deliver spares in the quickest possible time frame. Our represented inventory is continuously expanding and changing to meet, and respond to our customer requirements and current procurement needs. Our current component and spare parts inventory is available to you. If we do not represent the JIT parts that you need, we can usually source them within very quick time and by the most cost effective means possible.

We are always on the lookout to purchase high quality traceable inventory. Please contact us if you have surplus inventory for sale.

Overhaul & Repair Services

We offer a vast range of mechanical components avionics, hardware, tools, engines, and accessories. These parts are certified by manufacturers and approved workshops. These units are in new, repaired, overhauled, or serviceable condition and come directly from OEM or overstock that we manage. We guarantee prompt answers to your questions whether regarding quotations or order status. All parts are controlled by us and delivered with their respective documents: EASA FORM ONE, Log Card, Certificate of Conformity...etc. We will manage your requirements for sub-contract overhauls and repairs from start to finish.

We have established relationships throughout the world with many FAA and JAR approved certified repair facilities. We can thereby offer to our customers the most advantageous pricing through competition of bidding by the repair stations that we sub-contract to.

Estimates are offered free of charge for any product repaired and prior to any cost incurred by our customer before approval of any work. We are also happy to turn your job into an exchange sale at any time should you require.

Exchange Program

Many of the rotable components held in inventory are available on an exchange basis. We aim to maintain an exchange pool that will allow us to provide sound support to our operator customers. As an operator you will nowadays regard holding your own "just in case" inventory as wholly unrealistic. This is why we specialize in supplying all your rotable component requirements on an exchange basis. Many components are held in stock ready for immediate delivery, and those that are not in stock can be supplied on short delivery times. Click here to learn more about our Exchange Program.

Rotary Wing Manufacturer Platforms Serviced and Supplied

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  • Agusta
    • A109 E/F Power
    • A109 Hirundo
    • A109 K2
    • A109 Power (military)
    • A129 Mangusta
  • Augusta Westland International
    • EH101 Cormorant
    • EH101 Merlin Mk1/Mk3
    • Lynx
  • Eurocopter
    • AS 332 Super Puma
    • AS 341 Gazelle
    • AS 342 Gazelle
    • AS 350 Ecureuil
    • AS 355N/NP Ecureuil
    • AS 365 Dauphin
    • AS 532 Couger
    • AS 550 Fennec
    • AS 555N Fennec
    • AS 565 Panther
    • BK 117 C1/C2
    • EC-120 Colibri
    • EC-130
    • EC-135 T1/T2
    • EC-145
    • EC-155B
    • EC-225
    • EC-635 T1/T2
    • EC-725
    • HH-65 Dolphin
    • PAH-1 BO 105
    • PAH-2 Tiger
    • SA 315 Lama
    • SA 316 Alouette III
    • SA 318 Alouette II
    • SA 319 Alouette III
    • SA 321 Super Frelon
    • SA 330 Puma
    • SA 341 Gazelle
    • SA 342 Gazelle
    • SA 360 Dauphin 2
    • SA 313 Alouette II
    • Super Frelon
    • Tigre HAP/ARH/UHT/HAC
    • Tigre UHT/HAD
    • UH-72A Lakota
  • GKN Westland Helicopters
    • WAH-64D Longbow Apache
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL)
    • Cheetah
    • Chetan
    • Dhruv
  • Kamov
    • Ka-25 Hormone
    • Ka-27 Helix
    • Ka-29 Helix
    • Ka-32 Helix
    • Ka-50 Hokum
    • Ka-52 Hokum B
  • Mil Moscow
    • Mi-1 Hare
    • Mi-2 Hoplite
    • Mi-4 Hound
    • Mi-6 Hook
    • Mi-8 Hip
    • Mi-14 Haze
    • Mi-17 Hip H
    • Mi-24 Hind
    • Mi-25 Hind D
    • Mi-26 Halo
    • Mi-28 Havoc
    • Mi-35 Hind E/F
  • NHIndustries
    • NH90