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RPM - Repair Program Management

We maintain an Exchange Pool that allows
us to provide sound support for all our customers.

Critical Mass Avionics offers an extensive range of 3rd party Repair Program Management specifically designed to reduce our customer’s cost when identifying, quoting, contracting, tracking and administering multiple source vendors needed for component repair. Critical Mass Avionics offers a vast network of repair suppliers that ensure high quality repairs with guaranteed turn times. Through well established relationships with worldwide major aircraft sub-contractors their respective service centers, and global MROs, we can efficiently and effectively outsource spare parts and proficiently independently manage repair work. Critical Mass Avionics through RPM can tailor a program that will evaluate cost, while simultaneously provide the convenience of a one-stop source to locate aircraft parts andor manage aircraft component repair.

Often the best option for an MRO or operator who is AOG or in critical need is an exchange or rotable component. Exchange and rotable components offer the options of rapid replacement of a unit instead of waiting for a repair or overhaul. If you have a damaged or faulty part, Critical Mass Avionics RPM exchange program can be a lifesaver. We will source and ship you a replacement immediately. You then send us the part that needs servicing. We offer exchange plus cost in which you pay an exchange fee and then the actual repair costs once the repair has been assessed and completed. Or you can take advantage of our fixed flat rate exchange fee. Either way, it’s fast and easy. You get quick delivery of a certified airworthy replacement part, minimizing aircraft downtime and minimizing financial loss. Critical Mass Avionics through RPM offers to our customers from start to finish a one-stop source of supply and service to manage aircraft component repair.

Many of the rotable components held in inventory are available on an exchange basis. We aim to maintain an exchange pool that will allow us to provide sound support to our operator customers. As an operator you will nowadays regard holding your own "just in case" inventory as wholly unrealistic. This is why we specialize in supplying all your rotable component requirements on an exchange basis. Many components are held in stock ready for immediate delivery, and those that are not in stock can be supplied on short delivery times.

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