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Critical Mass Avionics is a global distributor of Mil.-Std. Sealants Coatings Adhesive Lubricants. All Products are approved for aerospace application and carry the appropriate certification. All Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) and Dangerous Goods are processed, and packaged according to all applicable and approved  standards.

Chemical Line Card:

 Adhesives Films:  Pastes:
    • Low Temperature Cure     • One Part or Two Part
    • 250°F and 350°F Cure     • Conductive: Electrical and Thermal
    • Composite Bond     • Core Fill
    • Metal Bond     • Core Splice
    • Abradanle Sea 5     • Edge Fill
    • Composte Surfacing     • Encapsulants
    • Lightning Strike Protect on     • Fairing
    • Syntactic     • Structural Repair
    • Expanding Sy Tact c     • Fast Cure and Snap Cure
    • Core Splice     • Foams
    • High, Temperature Nacelle     • High Temperature filled paste
    • Peel Ply     • High Peel
    • Low VOC Primers     • Low Density Pastes
 Encapsulants     • Inluson Systems
 Matrix Resins     • Laminating Systems
    • RFI, RTM, and VARTM Resins     • Liquid Shim
    • Wet lay-up Resins     • Potting
 Moldmaking – Structural Foam and cores     • EMI Shieling
    • Urethane Tooling Board     • Syntactic
    • 4lb. - 45lb. Densities     • UV Cure
    • Pre-assembled Forms  Syntactic Shapes
 Mold Release Products  Tapes
    • Mold Sealers  Thermally Conductive Greases
    • Non-CFC and Water-based Release Agents  


Additional Chemical Offerings:

 Acrylic  Full and short-roll Film
 Aerosol  Hot Melt
 Aircraft Appearance and Parts Cleaning  Jet Engine Cleaning
    • Exterior Cleaners     • Acid and Alkaline Process Cleaners
    • Flap and Wheel Well Cleaners     • Bearing Cleaners
    • Interior Cleaners     • Compressor Washers
    • Landing Gear Cleaners     • Thrust Reverse Cleaning
    • Wheel and Break Cleaners     • Paint and Carbon Removers
 Aircraft Depaint and Repaint Systems  Material Forms
    • Paint Strippers  Metal Processing
    • Cleaners     • Neutral, Alkaline and Acid Cleaners
    • Corrosion Removers     • Etchants/Brighteners
    • Conversion Coatings for Light Metals     • Deoxidizers
    • Primers     • Conversion Coatings
    • TPC Removers  Methacrylate
 Anaerobic  Polysulfide
 Bismaleimide  Sealants
 Base Liquid Resins,Modifiers, and Hardeners  Silicone (RTV)
 Chemical Milling  Solvents for Precision Cleaning
    • Maskants  Surface Treatments
 Chemistries  Threadlockers
 Cyanoacrylate  Underfill
 Epoxy  Urethane