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Aircraft Parts Sourcing Overview

One logistic point, one set of documents, one contact point,
one company, less is sometimes more!

Critical Mass Avionics supports you with comprehensive parts sourcing services. Utilizing Critical Mass Avionics as your aviation supply chain partner allows you to easily and efficiently manage the logistics and documentation on the hundreds or thousands of airplane parts your operation requires.

When new aircraft parts are not readily available from inventory, you can utilize Our Aircraft Spares Parts Sourcing services to determine if a hard to find aircraft or engine part, component or accessory whether new, new surplus, overhauled, or serviceable, is available elsewhere in the market. Through this service, our highly trained purchasing staff make it possible for customers with airplane-on-ground ,(AOG requirements) line stop situations or other critical needs to obtain their required aircraft parts quickly and ensure cost savings while complying with the highest standards of Quality Assurance.

All suppliers are evaluated and audited for all airplane parts, components and supplies are inspected by our expert quality assurance team according to ISO 9001:2008 and AS-9100 standards. All airplane spares parts come with the required airworthiness certificates such as FAA 8130, EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) , JAA From one and the customary warranty.