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Asset Recovery

Critical Mass Avionics utilizes industry expertise to maximize cash flow
and generate the highest possible ROI for your inventory!

Critical Mass Avionics has a proven track record for successfully managing the sale of excess, and obsolete inventory on behalf of OEMs and CEMs.

Direct Purchase Programs:

Our dedicated team of asset recovery specialists offers highly customized solutions, resulting in maximum return on investment for our customer. Specialized expertise in the ever-changing market for active and passive components enables our account managers to recommend and facilitate asset recovery solutions that maximize profitability while minimizing inconvenience.

Consignment Programs:

Consignment programs help maximize total return on investment by expanding the time allotted to sell the excess inventory. Instead of quickly disposing of merchandise, this process allows the market to absorb the excess inventory, serving to enhance the total dollar value of the surplus inventory.

With consignment sales programs CMA evaluates the customer’s list of excess inventory, and then categorizes the inventory based upon commodity type and potential liquidity. We will then develop a customized consignment sales program to include revenue-sharing structure.